The Lady’s Card that Everyone should Apply For

Recently, UOB relaxed its eligibility criteria for its line of Lady’s cards. Previously only open to females to apply, now men can enjoy the full range of benefits that these cards have to offer. And by benefits we are referring to miles you can earn from your everyday spending!

Do note that there are several different Lady’s cards issued by UOB. They have slightly different benefits, but by and large, are superior to most cards out there in the market.

Before we look at the benefits, it is important to understand the various spending or transaction categories as defined by UOB for the purposes of using the Lady’s cards. They are defined as follows:

Source: UOB

Now with the spending categories defined, we can go on to how you can maximise the Lady’s cards to rack up those miles. For the UOB Lady’s Card, you can earn 6 mpd for only one transaction category. This is an entry level card with an annual income requirement of S$30,000.

For the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, you can earn 6 mpd for two transaction categories. The annual income requirement is higher at S$120,000.

The UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Card also earns you 6 mpd for two transaction categories, but it is strictly by invitation only.

Regardless of which card you get, you will have to decide which categories you wish to focus on for any given quarter, which is defined as Jan-Mar/Apr-Jun/Jul-Sep/Oct-Dec. You may make multiple category changes, but the chosen categories must be locked in by 11.59pm on the day before the start of the next quarter, and only the latest selection of categories will be considered. Thereafter, any changes will only apply to the following quarter.

Also bear in mind that you may only hold one Lady’s card, and not both versions, at any given time. Should you wish to upgrade or downgrade between the card versions, you may inform UOB to do so.

Overall, this is a fantastic card, given that the leading cards only earn you 4 mpd. Depending on your spending habits, the UOB Lady’s cards will earn you 50% more miles! Existing UOB cardholders can expect a faster approval process (mine was in a matter of minutes) should you opt to allow UOB to split your existing credit limit with the bank across all your current and new card. If you do not already have this card, you should get your hands on it as soon as possible, as the 6 mpd earn rate will end on 29 Feb 2024. Thereafter, the category mechanics will remain the same, albeit with a lower earn rate of 4 mpd, which is in line with other leading cards in the market.

The full terms and conditions can be found here.