Business Class on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER from Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Los Angeles (LAX)

Having arrived in Tokyo Narita on the first sector of SQ12, we decided to spend the transit time at the ANA Lounge prior to re-boarding for our onward sector to Los Angeles. We headed to the same gate in good time for boarding, which proceeded in an orderly fashion. In fact, there were designated boarding queues for every class of travel.

We returned to our assigned seats, the exact same ones on the first sector, and found that everything had been tidied up for the next sector.

During the boarding process, the cabin crew served some pre-departure drinks.

Here’s a closer look at the key features of the seat, with most storage located in the centre console, where you’ll also find the tray table recessed. With the tray table deployed, be careful not to leave small articles near the tray table housing, otherwise once they fall inside it will be very difficult to retrieve them.

This is how the additional privacy screen looks like when fully deployed.

The seat control buttons are also easy to access and operate.

After boarding was complete, we pushed back on time and taxied to the runway for an on-time departure.

Here’s a reminder of the meal service menu for this sector, featuring two meals and a choice of some snacks in between.

To start, I had the satay again, which was excellent as usual.

For the next item, I had some prawns on Nicoise salad with tomato, green beans, quail egg, kalamata olives and ranch dressing. Note that this was pretty similar to the starter on the previous sector.

For the main course, I had some steamed rice with fish, which literally melted in my mouth.

To round off, I had a scoop of tiramisu ice cream, a decadent and rich finale to the dinner service!

As this was an overnight flight across the Pacific, I had several hours of uninterrupted sleep. Approximately two hours prior to our arrival into Los Angeles, the cabin crew started serving passengers the pre-landing meal. This was served in a lovely bento box, with shrimp omelette and octopus, miso snapper, simmered young bamboo shoots, and flavoured rice with sardines. Everything came together very nicely!

To round off the meal, I had a pumpkin cake with chocolate sauce.

We soon began our descent into Los Angeles for an on-time arrival. A few minutes after touchdown, we taxied to the Tom Bradley International Terminal for disembarkation. Singapore Airlines SQ12 continues to be my favourite and preferred way to travel from Singapore to Los Angeles, with the opportunity to take a break and stretch my legs during the short transit in Tokyo Narita.