Last Call: Earn Elite Miles on the Ground & Renew Krisflyer Status

We are nearly crossing the 2-year mark since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO. And as we all know, the travel industry has been battered owing to the drop in demand in the midst of the pandemic. In order to reward its most loyal customers, airlines have been creative with allowing them various ways to earn miles in order to retain their elite status.

Singapore Airlines is no exception. The airline has been extending the validity of expiring miles over the past couple of years, and has also allowed its KrisFlyer members to earn elite miles while on the ground.

In its latest announcement, it has even further extended the elite tier status of its KrisFlyer members for yet another year, in the hope of enticing them to return to the skies as countries across the globe begin cutting back on travel restrictions. Specifically, all PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite members with memberships due to expire between March 2022 and February 2023 will automatically have their memberships extended for another year.

Some might then wonder, what is the point of the ongoing promotion that allows you to earn Elite qualifying miles on the ground, that is due to end on 28 Feb 2022. Importantly, will all the hard work put in to earning Elite qualifying miles the past year go to waste? Singapore Airlines has anticipated this, and has announced that they will allow a rollover of all Elite miles earned during the current membership year to the next membership year. In other words, if you have already earned enough Elite qualifying miles to renew your membership for the next membership year, you will be able to automatically renew your membership for a further year after the free year extension! This will effectively secure your KrisFlyer Elite membership well into 2024!

This is where the current promotion allowing you to earn Elite qualifying miles on the ground is important. One such way is to transfer credit card points to your KrisFlyer account, where you’ll be able to earn Elite qualifying miles in the process. If you have a stash of expiring credit card points, or have no immediate plans to earn miles through actual flying, then you should capitalise on this ongoing promotion, before it ends on 28 Feb 2022. Do remember that banks may take several working days to transfer your credit card points to your KrisFlyer account, so some lead time is necessary.

In summary, the window is closing fast for you to maximise Elite qualifying miles earned on the ground for you to get the maximum mileage when it comes to your Elite membership with KrisFlyer. More information can be found here.