Hilton Mumbai International Airport

Having touched down in Mumbai in the evening after a splendid flight from Singapore, we wanted to avoid the rush hour traffic. Hence, we booked ourselves into the Hilton Mumbai International Airport for the night. Based on the map, the airport hotel is only a stone’s throw away from the terminal, but due to the onsite traffic at the airport which was pretty heavy that night, it took us longer than expected to arrive at the hotel.

Thankfully, the hotel staff were expecting us, and the check-in process was swift. We were also informed that as a Hilton Honors Diamond guest, we were upgraded to a suite that night, called the Nightingale Suite. As we strolled around the lobby on the way up to the suite, our first impressions were that the hotel was very well maintained, and had some sort of a timeless charm to it. The marble columns and flooring, together with the chandelier, added just the right amount of opulence without going overboard with it.

The suite that we were assigned to was very spacious, with a standard suite layout. The living room could seat a few guests around a coffee table, and tucked in one corner was a dining table which is great for in-room dining. The lighting was also more than adequate, and during the day, wooden sliding doors could be opened to let in more natural light.

Most importantly, despite the relatively warm and humid weather out there, the air conditioning system was very effective in keeping the interiors cool and dry.

The bedroom is accessed from the living room through a pair of doors. The centrepiece is of course the four-poster bed, beautifully draped with curtains attached to the frame, which supports the canopy of the bed. The mattress was well padded with just the right firmness, and the linen was cool and comfortable to the touch.

In terms of spaciousness, there was more than enough room around the bed to furnish the bedroom with a television console and a work desk in the corner.

The bathroom boasted a double vanity washbasin, which is expected for any suite. While well-sized, they could have been more generous with the ambient lighting in the bathroom, especially the shower area and the WC.

It was great to have a freestanding bathtub in our suite as well.

After a good night’s sleep, we headed to the main restaurant for our breakfast. Access to the restaurant was via a grand spiral staircase that opens into the large dining hall.

The selection was pretty decent, and the food was served a-la-carte buffet style. The eggs were also freshly prepared to order.

Before checking-out of the hotel, we had a quick look at the hotel facilities. The outdoor pool appeared inviting, was surrounded by greenery and aesthetic rock formations in an attempt to create a more natural setting for guests.

The fitness centre was equipped with a wide range of machines, that should cater to the exercise and fitness needs of most users.

For those who would like to relax and unwind, do pay the in-house spa a visit during your stay.

We also popped by the hotel bar, which was of course unoccupied in the morning hours.

The hallways around the hotel were all furnished with seating areas, especially at or around the lounge on the executive floor.

There was also a business centre available for those with urgent print requests.

After our short stay, it was time to head to the city. Overall, the Hilton Mumbai International Airport is great for travellers who arrive late by flight in the evening, or have an early flight to catch the following morning. All things being considered, the property is well positioned as an airport hotel, and has all the amenities and facilities of any upscale hotel you can find in the city. Importantly, the staff were warm and recognised our Hilton Honors Diamond status accordingly, which met all our expectations for the stay.