Receive Free Miles for Simply Updating Your KrisFlyer Account

Airlines are getting creative with what their frequent flyers can begin to use with their miles. In Singapore, the flag carrier Singapore Airlines has allowed the redemption of miles for various activities and experiences, such as the SIA@Home packages, where you can enjoy First and Business Class meals from the comfort of your home. Qantas also recently announced that their frequent flyer members can use their miles to auction for some actual old Qantas Business Class seats, scavenged from one of their aircraft!

Now, in anticipation for potentially more interesting offerings in the pipeline for the KrisFlyer Experiences platform, Singapore Airlines probably needs more data points regarding the key interests of their most loyal customers. One way of doing that is to incentivise KrisFlyer members to update their profile, and they have done just that!

From now until 1 Sep 2021, KrisFlyer members can stand to receive up to 1,000 miles for free, simply by updating their membership profile.

If you have not already subscribed for promotional material from KrisFlyer, and have yet to update your interests on your profile, then you can stand to receive up to 1,000 miles (Group A).

If you have already done the former, or not the latter, then you can stand to receive up to 500 miles (Group B).

If you have already done both before, then this promotion may not be of any use for you.

There are a total of four windows during the promotional period, and the first 800 KrisFlyer members who complete the aforementioned steps for each group in each window, will receive either 1,000 or 500 miles each. This means 3,200 KrisFlyer members will receive 1,000 miles each at the end of the promotion period, and another 3,200 KrisFlyer members will receive 500 miles each.

Singapore Airlines will determine the members who qualify for the miles at the end of the promotional period.

The full terms and conditions can be found here.

This promotion hardly requires any effort, but do note that since only 800 KrisFlyer members from Group A and B will stand to receive either 1,000 or 500 miles during each window, you might want to aim to update your profile right at the start of each window to further increase your chances. Good luck!