W Singapore Sentosa Cove (Away Room)

Having stayed at the Marvelous Suite at W Singapore Sentosa Cove during our previous stay, we wanted to try something different for our follow up stay at the property.

Tucked away on the idyllic island of Sentosa, W Singapore Sentosa Cove already provides a private oasis from the hustle and bustle of busy Singapore, but the Away Rooms at the property take it to a whole new level.

As the name of the room suggests, the Away Rooms are co-located on the same floor as the famed AWAY Spa, while also providing easy access to the outdoor swimming pool and the gym.

However, as you’ll see, the Away Room will pretty much keep guests occupied with all the room has to offer from within.

There are only 8 Away Rooms at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove, all up to a spacious 46 square metres in size. The key highlight of the Away Room is the large outdoor terrace with a plunge pool all fitted with water jets, which makes the room a perfect setting for a small group gathering.

The outdoor terrace is also fully enclosed, affording guests a high degree of privacy. However, due to the curvature of the building, it is still possible for there to have a line of sight from guests on the higher floors to the outdoor terrace, so do take note of that.

There is a large chair to lounge in right by the pool, but given that the outdoor terrace is partially sheltered, you may not get enough of your dose of vitamin D.

Another highlight of the Away Room is the large bathtub, which is also located on the outdoor terrace. The tub sits on a platform surrounded by shallow water allowing for tub overflows without creating a mess of the area.

At night, the outdoor terrace lights up very nicely, creating a soothing yet romantic ambience for couples to relax and unwind before bed.

And now for the rest of the Away Room. The room layout is configured with the work desk and wardrobes behind the bedroom, so that guests can have an unobstructed view of the pool and outdoor terrace while in bed.

Even with day and night curtains, guests can opt to use the large wooden louvre doors, which offers a great amount of privacy but yet allows natural light to stream in.

Several lighting settings are also available to suit the mood, all with the flick of a switch located just by the bed.

A large wall mounted flat screen television can also be adjusted for the optimum viewing angle from around the room.

The bathroom is located adjacent to the bedroom, which boasts a double vanity, as well as a spacious shower and WC.

Large floor-to-ceiling glass panels can be opened and folded away to allow direct access from the bathroom to the outdoor terrace.

For Your Own Safety

If you have kids with you in the Away Room, do ensure that the sliding doors and glass panels are locked and bolted down to prevent unwanted access to the plunge pool area.

As Marriott Bonvoy Titanium guests, we were invited to the WOOBAR for some evening cocktails, and we decided to order some additional food items to complete the experience.

Breakfast was served at the kitchen table, offering a free flow of food items served directly to your table, in lieu of the buffet style breakfast service that is not quite possible now during the COVID-19 pandemic. The options were sufficiently varied to satisfy our palates.

Of course, even with our very own private pool, a visit to the large outdoor pool was a must. Somehow, all your troubles will simply melt away as you enjoy your cocktail while lounging on the poolside deck chairs and working on your tan.

Overall, this was yet another fantastic stay at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove. During this stay, the occupancy rate was also slightly lower than before, probably due to the prevailing safe management measures in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The quieter setting also meant greater exclusivity for guests, without having to jostle with throngs of crowds that were more commonplace in the pre-pandemic era. That being said, we hope the tourism and hospitality industry will emerge even stronger from the pandemic.