Sheraton Towers Singapore (Washington Suite)

Sheraton Towers Singapore has been around for quite some time now, but even as a frequent guest like myself would find out, there’s always room for a surprise or two in store. This time, I decided to book a stay at this property over my birthday weekend just to relax and unwind.

The lobby is actually quite grand, and decked in lovely earth-toned marble. The waterfall between the first and basement floors serves as a prominent aesthetic feature of this property, further enhanced by the relaxing sound of crashing water reverberating throughout the volume of space all around the lobby.

My partner and I were warmly welcomed back to the property at the check in counter, and we were informed that we had been upgraded to the Washington Suite for this stay. This suite is actually in the deluxe suite category, or the second highest tier at this property, and as such we were naturally elated at the gesture.

Located on the 20th floor, the Washington Suite boasts a floor area of 90 square metres, with a section of the suite spanning a height of two storeys!

Upon entering the suite, we were enthralled at the layout. The living room lay adjacent to the dining room. A 3-seater sofa and two armchairs were arranged around a large round coffee table over a huge rug, all oriented to face a standalone flat screen television. The space should be large enough to accommodate a small crowd for a gathering.

Just behind the living room was the dining room. At the centre of it all, a large glass-top dining table with 10 dining chairs served as the anchor for the space.

Right above the dining table was the chandelier that’s probably the most definitive feature of the Washington Suite. Dangling above the dining room, it served to accentuate the true height of the dining room.

Of course with such a large space, large glass windows allowed much natural light to stream in, which is important to illuminate the suite sufficiently. But to control the glare, especially during bright and hot afternoons, day curtains could be drawn as necessary by way of the electronic switches located on the adjacent wall.

At the back of the dining room were two tall armchairs located on either side of a console table.

On top of the minibar console was a lovely surprise! It was a chocolate cake in celebration of my birthday, which we gobbled up within seconds.

The bedroom is separated from the rest of the suite by a pair of sliding wooden doors. Here, the layout was quite conventional, just that the wall-mounted television had to be offset to the left to make way for the doorway.

Charging ports were available on either side of the bed, as well as at the work desk in the front of the room, to ensure that your electronic devices can remain fully charged.

The bathroom is accessible by both the bedroom and the living room. Unlike most other bathrooms in other rooms and suites at this property, this bathroom has been refurbished in white marble. Also, the two-in-one bathtub and shower concept was nowhere to be seen here. In its place was a large standing shower, which was a welcome sight.

The only thing lacking in this bathroom were hooks for our towels, but that was a small oversight.

Platinum members also have access to the Towers Executive Lounge located on the 3rd floor. Cocktail hours run from 5-7pm in the evening, and you’ll typically get a bento box with a mix of savoury and sweet snacks, with free flow wine and cocktails.

The lounge is quite large with adequate seating, and even during the peak hours, the staff to guest ratio was commendable.

Other onsite facilities that might be of interest are the gymnasium and the swimming pool. Both are located on level 5, and are easily accessible. The gym has a wide range of cardio equipment and weight machines, with a nice view of the pool.

For the pool, take advantage of the afternoon sun to work on your tan, as you laze beside or wade around the pool.

There are also some dining options at the property. The Dining Room offers a selection of Asian and Western flavours for you to choose from, and you can enjoy calming views of the outdoor waterfall and koi pond while you dine.

For Cantonese cuisine lovers, be sure to pay Li Bai a visit. Here, indulge in traditional Chinese dishes that are sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

Breakfast is served at The Dining Room, featuring dishes like Nasi Lemak and congee, as well as the usual American Breakfast. Every set comes with a fruit plate, salad, and items from the bakery. If you only have room for one, be sure to order the Nasi Lemak and you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, our stay at the Sheraton Towers Singapore surpassed our expectations. The lovely gesture to upgrade us to the Washington Suite was very much appreciated. While the property can appear somewhat dated, everything is made up for by the warm and friendly staff that will attend to your every need. Moreover, given that Orchard Road is only a stone’s throw away, there are many other shopping, entertainment and food options available for guests. We’ll be back!