Plaza Premium Lounge (CGK)

Located within the departure transit area of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Terminal 3), the Plaza Premium Lounge may appear just like any other contract lounge, but it makes up for it in other ways.


I visited this lounge prior to boarding my flight to Singapore. Just a simple scan of my boarding pass and I was let in.


The lounge floorplan runs along a considerable length of the glass facade, so you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic views of the apron and tarmac.


Seating wise, there are various options available to cater to the different needs of travellers. If you’re travelling along and wish to simply take in the views, you might want to secure one of these comfortable seats.


For those who wish to have a little more privacy while working on your laptop, these hexagonal booths might be a better choice. Although the size of the tablet is rather limited, so it might be a struggle to fit some drinks and snacks with your laptop on the surface.


Communal seating is also available, perfect for larger groups of travellers. All of these are equipped with charging ports for your convenience.


Couples who might want to chat over some food and drinks will definitely find these high tables appealing. But as with most bar stools, they might get a little uncomfortable over prolonged sitting.


You can get food either at the live station right at the middle of the lounge, which prepares a selection of dishes like fishball noodles made to order. The preparation times are rather short so it might be better to simply wait around to make sure your order doesn’t get intercepted by other hungry guests!


Alternatively, you can also enjoy other dishes from the buffet spread at the far end of the lounge. Here you’ll find hot local dishes, as well as some fresh fruit.


Right behind the buffet spread is where you’ll find the usual beverage selection of coffee and tea, some fruit juice, and sodas.


The Plaza Premium Lounge definitely offers a conducive environment for travellers to relax before boarding. The views are great, and there are lots of seating configurations available. If you’re not intending to spend hours in the lounge, then the selection of food and beverage is more than adequate. The comfortable lighting also ensures that the ambience is kept as cozy as possible, especially given the abundance of natural lighting available.