Extra miles when you use your Amex KrisFlyer cobranded cards with Singtel

From now until 31 Aug 2020, stand to earn an additional 3 mpd for charging your Singtel bills to your Amex KrisFlyer cobranded cards.

Depending on the exact cobranded card in question, you can therefore earn a total of up to 4.3 mpd during this promotion. For example, the Amex KrisFlyer Ascend card usually earns you 1.2 mpd, but with the additional 3 mpd, this brings your total earn rate to 4.2 mpd. Of course if you’re holding onto the Amex PPS Credit card that has a base earn rate of 1.3 mpd, you will earn up to 4.3 mpd for this promotion.


Note that this offer is only valid for the first 15000 cardmembers who sign up for it via their Amex account. You’ll receive an email from Amex if you’ve successfully saved this offer on your eligible card.

The maximum number of bonus miles that you can receive as part of this promotion is 900 miles, which is equivalent to S$300 of spending.


As per the T&Cs, this promotion will only work if you save your Amex KrisFlyer cobranded card for recurring payments on your Singtel account. Hence, one-off payments using your card will not earn you any bonus miles. You’ll┬áreceive a confirmation email from Singtel once you’ve successfully added your eligible card as a form of recurring payment on your Singtel account. Supplementary cardmembers will also not be eligible for this promotion.