Six Senses Maxwell

In the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown, traditional heritage shophouses have been restored giving rise to the Six Senses Maxwell property we see today. The hotel is part of the IHG chain as well.


The main pedestrian entrance is beautifully adorned with a couple of red lanterns suspended on either side of the doorway. Apart from this, the only identifiable signage indicating the name of this property is a humble metallic ornament on the pillar in front of the main doors.


Stepping inside, you’ll get a sense of being transported to the past. The interiors are furnished to deliberately showcase Singapore’s rich Asian history. From the carpets on the floor to the choice of lighting, much thought was put into the entire process.


It was only a short wait in the reception area before my keys were issued.


I was also offered a welcome drink, which was much appreciated after escaping from the midday heat outside.


Following that, it was a short walk through the truly astounding Cook & Tras Social Library, so named as the hotel is situated at the confluence of Cook and Tras Streets.


The Cook & Tras Social Library is a perfect venue to hang out with friends over drinks after a hard day’s work, all in one cozy setting.


There were also a couple of other bars, such as the Rose Lounge & Bar and Garcha’s, but they were closed at the time of my visit. That being said, with all bars open, this hotel can sure pack a punch when it comes to venues for social gatherings.


The walkways were decorated with elaborate ornaments such as singing bowls and gongs.


The room wasn’t exceptionally spacious, but sufficient for light travellers without too many personal belongings. This room was decorated with ruby red accents, as evident in the furnishings and decor, and had a lovely view of the outdoor pool.


Even with the console and ottoman flush against the front wall, it was a little squeeze just trying to move from one side of the bed to the other.


As with the other lamps at the front of the room, the bedside lamps were also illuminated in red.


Even the telephone looked like an antique!


Some snacks, with an accompanying price list, were provided as well.


Underneath the console were a minibar fridge as well as some glassware for use.


As usual, complimentary coffee and tea were also available on the opposite end of the console.


As expected, the tea selection featured more oriental flavours than the usual ones.


Here’s another view of the front console. Thankfully the television was wall mounted with all wiring enclosed behind it, otherwise things could get a little messy.


The little chair right in the front corner of the room was really much a spot for your loose bags and personal belongings.


As mentioned, the room came with a somewhat limited view of the outdoor pool. The vines just outside the window helped to add a little more privacy for the room dwellers in my opinion.


Right by the entrance to the room behind the wardrobe was the bathroom.


The sink area was pretty much exposed, and the shower and WC were both accessible through another doorframe.


They really did a great job with the bathroom, considering the rather limited space that was available.


Just as an added measure, there was some additional storage space in the wardrobe next to the entrance of the room, with the enclosed mirrors used to create an illusion of extra space.


As for the hotel facilities, the pool was designed in an elongated fashion, perfect for those who might want to do laps during an afternoon swim.


What you see here are actually deck chairs, but with the padding removed towards the end of the day. However, they should be available upon request.


There was also some additional seating around the pool area for guests to socialise.

The gym is located on the same floor as the pool. I found it rather dimly lit, but more importantly it was cooled sufficiently for a comfortable workout.

Drinking water in reusable glass bottles were regularly replenished throughout the day.

I managed to redeem my welcome drinks at the Cook & Tras Social Library on the first evening of my stay, which reaffirmed my opinion that this might very well be my lounge of choice for any social gathering.

At night, the hotel’s exterior lighting brings the entire property to life, showcasing the harmony of the old and the new, with modern touches being incorporated into the redesign of this traditional building.


If you love boutique hotels, think of Six Senses Maxwell as one, but on steroids. The staff were refined in their service, and much thought was put into the design of the entire property. For guests visiting Singapore, this property will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the city state’s rich Asian history and traditions.