New upsized Standard Chartered X card sign-up bonus

Edit: It seems that there is now no minimum spend requirement to qualify for the additional 10000 bonus miles for this sign-up promotion. The article below has been corrected to reflect this.

We’ve all seen how the Standard Chartered X card entered the scene last year with a huge sign-up bonus of 100000 miles, which was gradually reduced to 30000 miles due to overwhelming demand.


It seems that Standard Chartered is giving this card another boost for new sign-ups for the X card, which is applicable to both new and existing Standard Chartered customers.

From now until 30 Apr 2020, apply for the Standard Chartered X card through SingSaver, and receive an additional 10000 miles for your sign up bonus. Simply make the payment of S$695.50 (annual fee) as part of the application process and you’ll receive the 10000 miles on top of the usual 30000 miles for this sign up promotion, bringing your grand total to 40000 miles!

Also note that there is another ongoing promotion where you’ll earn 3 mpd for overseas spending using the Standard Chartered X card from now until 30 Jun 2020, subject to minimum spending requirements.


Apply for your Standard Chartered X card via SingSaver here to enjoy this latest sign-up bonus promotion.