New Business Class “Light” fares on Finnair

This may not be a time to travel for most people, but Finnair has just decided to introduce a new fare class for its Business Class travellers.


Dubbed the Business Class “Light” fare, passengers will get all the existing perks as a Business Class passenger, except the following:

  1. Instead of the usual checked baggage allowance of two checked bags of 32kg each, you won’t be able to check any bags under this “Light” fare. However, if you hold an elite status, your elite tier checked baggage benefits will apply. Carry-on bags are also permitted, subject to the existing prescribed weight limits.
  2. Instead of the usual 200%-250% elite miles that you can earn usually, you will only be able to accrue elite miles at 150%.
  3. No changes or cancellations are permitted. Given this period of uncertainty, this clause should come as a warning to book at your own risk.



The new “Light” fare class is valid for flights within Europe, or between Europe and Asia, as of Fall 2020. Essentially, the new fare class forms part of the broader overhaul of Finnair’s fare types that will kick in on 31 Mar 2020, but these fares may only be bookable at a later time.

More information can be found here.