Saphire Mandai Executive Lounge (KNO)

At Medan’s Kualanamu International Airport, there are only two Priority Pass lounges available for use. There’s one in the domestic terminal, and another in the international terminal. The Saphire Mandai Executive Lounge is located on the airside of the international terminal, and it is accessible by Priority Pass cardholders.


The lounge was pretty empty during my visit, and entry into the premises was relatively fuss-free.


You’ll find a magazine rack located near the entrance where you can grab something to read on the way in.


The lounge takes on a linear floor plan, with the buffet spread located along the centre of the lounge. There are seats lined up against the glass windows that separate the lounge from the rest of the departure area, so not much of a view there.


If possible, pick a seat in one of these quiet corners of the lounge, with more comfortable seating and greater privacy.


Otherwise, there’s loads of seating throughout the entire lounge that can suit travelling parties of various sizes.


Food wise, you’ll find a mix of Asian-inspired dishes and finger food to munch on. You can also help yourself to a decent selection of hot and cold beverages.


The Saphire Mandai Executive Lounge is a basic lounge, but it sure beats not having anywhere to chill before your flight. Plus while the food wasn’t that impressive, the selection may change from time to time, so you might actually find something to satiate your hunger during your visit.