Concordia Lounge (DPS)

As I was catching a domestic flight out of Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, I was only left with one lounge option within the domestic terminal. Located opposite gate 2 on the airside within the domestic terminal is the Concordia Lounge, which is accessible by those with the Priority Pass.


Entry was seamless with a same-day boarding pass and my Priority Pass card.

The interior of the lounge was simple, with seating dispersed throughout the area.

Along one side of the lounge was a cartoon depiction of the beach, with casual seating in one corner that’s probably meant for kids.


Within the main section of the lounge were typical seating that could accommodate groups of various sizes. For a little more privacy, pick one of the booths located along the back wall if possible.


If you’re in need of a relaxing massage, you’d be pleased to know that the lounge offers a range of massages for a fee. The duration of the massages are reflected on the menu just outside the spa area.


In an extension of the lounge was a miserable section with low seats and coffee tables that’s probably meant for overflow guests.


Perhaps the most impressive area is the dining room. With exceptionally high walls that taper upwards towards the apex of the wooden roof, the dining room felt very spacious and well ventilated. Also, artwork on the walls coupled with the traditional floor tiles were a celebration of Balinese culture and tradition.


There was also a deliberate attempt to allow some natural light in, through crevices at the top of the walls, which served as an accent to the ambience in the dining room.


There was a pretty decent buffet spread available, and the food items were replenished often enough.


I couldn’t complain much since the Concordia Lounge was the only Priority Pass accessible lounge within the domestic terminal at Bali. Expect decent food options but be sure to seat yourself in the dining room or in one of the booths if possible for a more pleasant experience.