Business Class on Singapore Airlines B787-10 from Singapore (SIN) to Bali (DPS)

Probably the most comfortable way to travel between Singapore and Bali in Business Class is on the B787-10 aircraft operated by Singapore Airlines. This aircraft features the airline’s latest medium-haul Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, that recline comfortably into a lie flat bed. While you probably wouldn’t need such levels of comfort for such a short flight, it still beats the more inferior inclined lie flat seats onboard the A330-300 aircraft that are slowly being phased out of the Singapore Airlines fleet.

I arrived nice and early for my morning flight to Bali. The check-in rows in Terminal 2 at Changi were pretty empty when I arrived at the airport, which meant a rather expeditious check-in process.


All premium class passengers travelling on Singapore Airlines are free to use the SilverKris Lounges in Terminals 2 and 3 before their flights. I previously reviewed the one in Terminal 3, but bear in mind that all of Singapore Airlines’ lounges at Changi Airport Terminal 3 are currently, or are scheduled, for massive renovations. This is certainly something that most travellers are looking forward to.

Also do remember to check out Aerotel, an entire hotel located within the transit area of Changi’s Terminal 1. This is a great option for those with an overnight transit at Changi preceding an early morning departure. As all terminals at Changi Airport are well connected, this hotel is perfect regardless of which terminal you’ll be departing out from.


Boarding had already commenced by the time I reached the gate, owing to some intense pre-departure duty free shopping.

I settled in nicely after being led to my seat. All Business Class seats are located in the front cabin between doors 1 and 2. Couples should aim to reserve seats D and F in rows 11, 14, 16, 18, and 20, as these are located ‘closer’ together, with the consoles located on the aisle-side. Solo passengers should aim for seats A and K in rows 12, 15, 17, and 19, as they’ll be seated ‘closer’ to the window.


Here’s a view of a window seat in row 20 where the passenger would be seated slightly ‘further’ away from the window due to the placement of the console.


I was seated in 20D, one of the ‘couple’ seats. Notice how the centre partition can be lowered if you’re travelling with a companion. The legroom may not be as luxurious as Singapore Airlines’ long-haul Business Class seats, but they’ll do for short- and medium-haul flights. Storage space is pretty limited to the little cubby under the ottoman, and in the overhead compartments.


The ‘wings’ around the headrest provide a decent amount of privacy, and the reading light can be adjusted to a comfortable intensity should you wish to read. Notice that the seatbelt on this seat is a 3-point harness, and it is a requirement to have the shoulder strap fastened during taxi, takeoff and landing.


In the console, there’s a small compartment that fits your noise-cancelling headphones and other small articles. The menu was also placed there prior to boarding. You’ll also locate the power socket and USB ports in this compartment too. A small hook for your headphones offers you easy access to them whenever you need it.


Also located on the arm console are the headphone jack, IFE touchscreen control, and touch-sensitive seat controls. Note that the buttons are normally not illuminated, but a simple touch on the touch-sensitive surface will activate the panel where you’ll be able to manipulate the buttons accordingly. Due to the placement of the buttons, you may inadvertently activate the buttons when your elbow comes into contact with them. On the top surface, you’ll have a decently-sized tablet for drinks and snacks.


Concealed in the side of the console is a vanity mirror for your convenience.


Here’s a view of the seat from the aisle. Notice that the curved shell shields the seat sufficiently for added privacy.


The dining table is housed under the IFE screen, and when deployed, opens up into a large and sturdy surface to dine or work on.


The literature pocket is located on the curved shell of the seat ahead. The pocket has seams that can stretch to accommodate more material if necessary.


A coat hook is also located to the side of the IFE screen for your convenience.


Based on the menu card, brunch would be served for this flight to Bali.


As the boarding process was almost complete, the cabin crew did their rounds to distribute pre-departure beverages and hot towels.


Since the window seat was not taken, I took the liberty to enjoy the view during the takeoff and ascent.


The climb out was smooth, owing to the excellent weather.


I settled back into my seat to enjoy some of the IFE options available. However, there was hardly enough time for even a movie given the short flight duration. But I would just like to highlight how intuitive the IFE touchscreen control was. Scrolling through all the entertainment options was easy, and coupled with the noise-cancelling headphones that offered quality sound, I thoroughly enjoyed the IFE experience.


The cabin crew soon commenced the brunch service. The meal service on all Singapore Airlines flights are always executed in synchrony on both aisles, something which I appreciate.


While waiting for my meal, I took the opportunity to connect to the onboard wifi, which was pretty fuss-free.


The cabin crew soon arrived with my meal which I had selected from the Book the Cook menu, the grilled Chilean seabass on New England clam chowder served with Ciabatta crouton. The flaky fish paired nicely with the rich and creamy chowder, and I savoured every bit of it. Also on the tray were some fresh fruit and a cashew nut brownie.


After the meal service, the cabin crew proceeded to dim the electronic window shades to adjust the ambient lighting for greater comfort.


I decided to fully recline the seat just to see how comfortable the lie flat bed would be. While the seat in bed mode seemed a little narrow compared to the long-haul Business Class product, I could still roll around comfortably.


You might have to contort yourself a little just to get in and out of the seat in bed mode though.


Soon it was time for the cabin crew to prepare the aircraft for arrival. Based on the latest meteorological reports, we were to arrive in sunny Bali ahead of schedule, which was something I was looking forward to. But everything about the flight definitely set the stage for an awesome getaway in Bali!