SilverKris Lounge (MEL)

Located in Terminal 2 of Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, together with the cluster of other lounges such as the American Express Lounge, is Singapore Airline’s SilverKris lounge.


Based on the floor plan, the SilverKris Lounge is modestly sized, and has separate sections for First and Business Class passengers.


I was directed to the Business Class section during this visit to the lounge. Note that the business centre is located at the entrance should you find a need to use it for some work.


The lounge was actually bustling with activity when I arrived, but not to the point of overcrowding.


As much of the floor space was devoted to seating, and rightfully so, as there can be quite a number of premium class passengers waiting to depart at any one time.


Of course, there was a conscious effort to beautify the place a little, such as this centre console with some literature and a showcase of selected Singapore Airlines merchandise.


The dining area is located just adjacent to the main lounge area, with a large island dining table in the centre.


At the food bar, there were fruit, cheese and crackers, and a selection of greens.


I was quite happy with the fish and chips that was on offer too.


As for the beverages, there were both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones to choose from. There was some ice cream too, which was always more than welcome.


Overall, I had a rather pleasant experience at the SilverKris Lounge in Melbourne. Of course, I would have appreciated a more spacious lounge given the number of passengers present during my visit, but it was well within tolerable limits. Most importantly, the staff were always well ahead of the game when it came to clearing the plates and utensils, which made a big difference.