American Express Lounge (MEL)

While not exactly a Centurion Lounge, Melbourne Tullamarine Airport plays host to one American Express Lounge as part of the American Express Global Lounge Collection.


After my visit to the Air New Zealand Lounge located on the ground floor, I headed up to take a look at the American Express Lounge located on level 1. Based on the floor plan, this lounge takes on a more elongated floor plan compared to the other lounges.


At the main entrance, as with the other Centurion Lounges, this lounge in Melbourne sports a similar green wall that simply draws you in.


I was granted access upon presenting my boarding pass and my Amex Platinum Charge Card.

As per the floorplan, the lounge had several long tables arranged along the length of the dining area. Depending on your preference, you have a choice of dining tables of the standard seating height, or a higher one with bar stools for seating.


For greater privacy, you can opt for a pseudo cubicle with comfortable and wide seats fitted with large side screens. These also come with charging ports for your convenience.


Further at the back of the lounge, you’ll find other more interesting seating configurations for larger parties of guests.


Jars of snacks and sweets can be found around the lounge for guests to nibble on during their stay.


As for the food selection, it was somewhat limited when compared to other lounges, but more than sufficient for me during my visit as I had intentions of visiting some other lounges before my flight.


For alcoholic beverages, simply approach the bar that was tended to at all times.


Otherwise, the standard soft drinks and juices were available chilled in the refrigerator.


A lovely feature wall with interesting items on display also housed a tv screen with flight departure information, and some literature for your reading pleasure.


During my relatively short stay at the American Express Lounge in Melbourne, I can say that my experience was rather pleasant given that there was hardly anybody there, and that I wasn’t expecting to feast on anything substantial then. Also, this lounge would make a great alternative to other airline lounges if you’re holding an eligible Amex card that grants you access, and when you’ll not be flying in a premium cabin.