Novotel London Paddington Hotel

A great choice for those who intend to depend on the Heathrow Express to get to Central London from London Heathrow, the Novotel London Paddington Hotel is just a short walk from Paddington Station.


Enter through the main revolving door to access the hotel lobby.


The high floor-to-ceiling glass windows allowed for lots of natural lighting. The main stairs descending from the second floor seemed to feature prominently in the lobby.


Thankfully there weren’t any other arriving guests at the time of my arrival, so I was attended to immediately. There was a slight delay due to a little mix up between two reservations, but this was quickly resolved and my keys were issued.


The bar located a little farther in would be where eligible guests can redeem their welcome drink. A couple of terminals were also available for guests to use in the lobby.


The room was only reserved for two persons, but it was somehow prepared for three. The sofa bed could be easily stowed though.


The other furniture were tucked neatly at the front of the room, with a working desk by the windows and and ottoman right beneath the flat screen television.


A large door opens into the bathroom.


The bathtub doubles as a standing shower as well.


The WC was located in a separate enclosed area.


A selection of hot beverages and still water were also available in the room.


To ensure that guests can work out a sweat during their stay, the hotel has an onsite fitness centre which I found well equipped. The machines and equipment were organised in a linear fashion within an elongated room, with windows providing a view of the streets below.


The mirrors helped to further create an illusion of space in the fitness centre.


An indoor pool was also available for use, which may be a little small if you intend to do full laps in it.


Given its location, the hotel would also make a good place for a conference. In fact, the rooms on the second floor seemed well equipped to handle large crowds.


Overall, the Novotel London Paddington Hotel is conveniently located with many London Underground lines running through Paddington Station, so getting around the city from here would be great. Importantly, you can catch the Heathrow Express to London Heathrow too. Given that there’s just so much to do in London, and you’ll be spending loads of time exploring the city, the property is more than adequate to ensure that you’re well rested after a long day being out and about.