Business Class on Japan Airlines B787-9 from Tokyo (NRT) to Jakarta (CGK)

Upon arriving at Tokyo Narita International for my flight on Japan Airlines to Jakarta, I headed straight for the Business Class check-in area, where I was greeted by a member of staff prior to reaching the check-in desk.


There was a short queue, but since all counters were open for check-in, Business Class passengers were processed fairly quickly.


I was informed that I could access the Sakura Lounge, which I have already reviewed here.

After indulging in snacks and drinks at the Sakura Lounge, I headed straight for the gate for boarding. The flight was operated by a B787-9 aircraft. The boarding process proceeded very smoothly, as the boarding sequence was prominently displayed at the gate, and passengers were directed to queue according to their respective cabin class and elite tiers.


Once on board, it was easy to locate my seat since it was right at the front (1G). Business Class seats on Japan Airlines’ B787-9 are arranged in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration, similar to my flight up from Singapore earlier.


On my seat were some amenities, including a cushion, blanket, slippers, and a cardigan.


Here’s a closer look at the amenities.


The seat wasn’t very wide, but more than sufficient for this medium haul fight.


Note that the armrest can be lowered to increase the effective width of the seat.

On the centre console, you can find a small compartment to stow your personal effects, as well as a reading light. This is also where you’ll find the IFE control.


There was also a small partition that could be lowered for additional privacy if needed.


Neatly flushed with the console is also the pocket for inflight literature.


The dining table deploys easily, and I found it fairly sturdy. You can also easily exit your seat when the table is deployed, which is convenient if you need to visit the lavatory during the meal service.


Beneath the IFE screen is the foot well where your legs will end up when the seat is in bed mode.


Here’s a look at the menu for this flight. I had indicated my choice for the Japanese meal prior to the flight, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if they ran out early.


After pushback and a short taxi to the runway, we were soon on our way. The cabin crew commenced the meal service after we attained our cruising altitude, starting with some peanuts and a drink.


Next was a beautiful bento box, with deep-fried tofu in Japanese broth and simmered abalone, egg roll and simmered prawn, simmered chicken and vegetables in soy sauce, deep-fried chicken with vinegar sauce and tartar sauce “Nanohana” vegetable, tuna and boiled octopus sashimi style with vinagared lotus root, and Konnyaku jelly with miso sauce.

For the main course, I had the braised beef sukiyaki style with slow cooked egg, and grilled salmon. Overall, the meal was full of flavour and colour, and most importantly very well balanced.


To end off, I had some ice cream, rice wafers stuffed with white kidney bean jam, and a cup of hot green tea.


Even though the flight was fairly short, I had some time to get some sleep. When in bed mode, the seat deploys to a fully flat bed.


Between the fully upright position and the bed mode, you can also adjust your seat recline accordingly for greater comfort.

At any time during the flight, it is possible to request for a snack of some cup noodles.


At the top of descent, we were updated on the latest arrival information while the cabin crew prepared the cabin for arrival. I had the chance to walk around to stretch my legs before having to return to my seat for the landing. The reverse herringbone configuration is pretty dense, which is why carriers with aircraft deployed on long haul routes continue to invest in all-aisle access forward facing seats. Nonetheless, this configuration is acceptable for medium haul flights of up to 7 hours, beyond which there might be some compromise when it comes to inflight comfort. Overall, Japan Airlines continues to provide its passengers with great service with a smile! And be sure to select the Japanese meal as they always get it right!