Earn more miles now when you use your Citi Rewards card with Citi PayAll

Citi PayAll is a platform that allows you to make miscellaneous payments with a credit card, that do not usually earn you miles. Some examples include rent, education expenses, taxes, bills, and condominium management fees.


You can schedule either a one-time payment, or even a recurring one, when using Citi PayAll. Simply enter the amount that you wish to pay, the payee details, and select which Citibank credit card you wish to use for the payment, and you’re all set.

Note that a flat 2% admin fee will be levied for payments using Citi PayAll.


For the longest time, you’ll only be earning 0.4 mpd when you use your Citi Rewards card on Citi PayAll. For a limited time only, from now until 31 Jan 2020, you’ll be able to earn 1.2 mpd for payments on Citi PayAll when you use your Citi Rewards card. Note that this only puts it on par with the Citi Premiermiles card, which also earns you 1.2 mpd on Citi PayAll. Of course, if you’ve got the Citi Prestige card, that earns you a bit more miles at a rate of 1.3 mpd.

Here’s an illustration of what you could potentially earn from this:


The full terms and conditions can be found here.