Quality Hotel Voringfoss

When exploring the breathtaking fjords in Norway, you’re bound to stop by Eidfjord, home to the charming Quality Hotel Voringfoss, named after Voringfossen, which is Norway’s 83rd highest waterfall located nearby.


The hotel is surrounded by majestic mountains and waterbodies that feed into the larger Hardangerfjord regions.


Behind the relatively classical looking facade, the hotel actually boasts a much more modern interior. The lobby area is beautifully furnished with lovely sofas and illuminated by warm lighting. The choice of colours truly accentuate the surrounding natural features of Eidfjord and its vicinity.


The lobby also resembles a large living area too, and with the hotel store located here, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to gift or souvenir ideas.


After completing the check-in formalities, we proceeded up to our room to have a look. Interestingly enough, the room was more traditionally furnished unlike the common spaces in the hotel. This was more in line with the overall look of the property.


The bed was large and generously padded for comfort. The headboard is probably due for an update.

Right by the window was a single chair and a small table, as well as a cabinet to store your personal effects.


The room widens as you move away from the window, so the area in front of the bed is relatively spacious. The work desk was spacious, which is great if you need the space to do some trip research or some work on the go. The wall-mounted television was a little off-set from the centre of the bed, but the viewing angle was acceptable.


The bathroom appeared sterile and housekeeping did an excellent job keeping it that way during our stay. The sliding glass door was an innovative touch that helped to ‘expand’ the area within the bathroom when the shower was not in use, but it wasn’t as effective at keeping the water within the shower area.


The main restaurant serves up an excellent buffet at dinner. There were more than enough tables available for guests but reservations are of course recommended.


And of course, you’ll be able to enjoy magnificent views of the lake while having your meal.


The main restaurant also serves as the breakfast area every morning. The selection is pretty decent, and on some days your view may be obstructed by a huge cruise liner that’s capable of docking right outside the hotel! It seems that Eidfjord is pretty popular among cruises along the fjords in Norway.


We were very pleased with our stay at the Quality Hotel Voringfoss. Not only was it situated right by the waterfront, we had no issues at all during our stay. For those who intend to self-drive around the fjords, a pitstop at Eidfjord might be a good idea after all.