It’s as fresh as it gets: Farm-to-Plane meals on Singapore Airlines

Passengers travelling in Business Class on the non-stop flight from Newark to Singapore will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables in their meals, harvested only days or perhaps even hours before the flight.

In a move to reduce its carbon footprint, Singapore Airlines is now sourcing produce that is grown close to the catering facility. Its partnership with AeroFarms, which produces vegetables grown vertically indoors, is one way to achieve that goal by reducing transportation costs of produce from more distant locations to the inflight catering facility.


There are currently plans to extend this to passengers in Premium Economy Class on board this non-stop flight from Newark to Singapore.


For those travelling on this route in November, you can look forward to dishes such as mixed green salad with lemon vinaigrette, asparagus, avocado and broccolini, served with hot smoked salmon. In December, passengers can expect a more Asian twist, such as soy-poached chicken with pickled ginger vinaigrette, baby pak choi, zucchini ribbons and sweet potatoes or Japanese pumpkin.


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