Zander K Hotel Bergen

Bergen is commonly referred to as the gateway to the fjords. A city on Norway’s southwestern coast, Bergen is surrounded by mountains and fjords, and is truly a fantastic way to use it as a base for your exploration of the region.


I had arrived via train from Oslo, which is one of the most comfortable and beautiful ways to travel between the two cities. The Bergen Station was bustling with activity at the time of my arrival. I hauled my bags to the Zander K Hotel which was located just opposite the station.


I had picked this hotel specifically for its location and convenience. My intention was to explore Bergen on foot, which was ideal since Bergen is an extremely walkable city, before collecting my car for my road trip afterwards.


The Zander K Hotel appears unlike the adjacent buildings, with its lovely blue facade, with large glass windows overlooking the street below.


Inside, the large lobby was illuminated by beautiful rattan lanterns, and had many sofas to accommodate guests.


The far end of the lobby opens up to the restaurant where breakfast is served, and also a long bar for all the drinks you could possibly ask for.


The front desk staff were very warm and welcoming. After issuing my room keys, they were kind enough to elaborate on the key attractions of Bergen and beyond, marking them out on the city map.


I headed up to my room to unpack and freshen up. Entering my room, I appreciated the simplicity of the interiors, and the use of large mirrors to enlarge the space. Everything also appeared crisp and clean. The wooden ledge that ran along the window is great for small articles and personal effects.


The television was perched on a small ledge at the front of the room, which took up minimal space. The work desk was also wall mounted, which ensured that table legs didn’t get in the way of moving around.


Located just outside the bathroom was an area where I could stow my larger bags and suitcases.


The bathroom sported lovely grey tiles in contrast to the spotless white bedroom walls. The space was well optimised with the sink area set into the wall to give more manoeuvring room. Shower gel and shampoo were provided in large bottles so you won’t have to worry about them running out.


Now this is where things got interesting, as I didn’t expect a hotel of this size to house a gym. However, I was amazed at how large and well equipped the hotel gym was.


Located just below street level with a view of strolling pedestrians, the gym boasted a wide range of equipment, both machines and free weights, as well as large open areas for functional fitness exercises.

Also, there’s no excuse to get your sweat on the equipment as there were loads of towels available for use.


The morning breakfast spread was truly impressive, with both hot and cold dishes to select from. Plus everything was spread out nicely around the breakfast area so there was no overcrowding even during the peak breakfast hours.

The Zander K Hotel in Bergen not only makes for a pleasant place to stay, but it’s convenient location right next to the train station is great for those who don’t wish to drive around the city. After all, Bergen is a very walkable city, which makes exploring it on foot all the more exciting. Overall, the staff were friendly and everything was well thought through. But what impressed me the most was the huge floor space dedicated to the gym!