Targeted: UOB lowers cost per mile on PRVI Miles payment facility

Most in the miles game know that a good way to top up your miles balance is to ‘buy’ miles. Most would also consider the valuation of the mile at 2 cents each a convenient approximate, although more recent computations show that the true value may be a little lower at 1.9 cents each.

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Nonetheless, avenues such as the UOB PRVI Payment Facility is a great way to obtain additional miles that you require to perform a redemption. Essentially, if you’re a UOB PRVI Miles cardholder, you can have UOB charge your card for a nominal fee, and earn miles along with it. Unlike other platforms that serve the same purpose, such as Cardup and Citi PayAll, you don’t have to actually nominate a payee for the UOB PRVI Payment Facility. Simply fill out a form to request the stipulated amount to be credited to your nominated account, and earn miles!

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Currently, an admin fee of 2.1% will be levied for the UOB PRVI Payment Facility (it was only 2% when it first launched). However, from now until 31 Jul 2019, those who received a mailer regarding a promotion can enjoy the PRVI Payment Facility at a preferential admin fee of only 1.8%. For example, requesting an amount of S$10000 will get you 10000 miles for S$180, bringing the cost of each mile down to 1.8 cents each.

Remember that you can only request as much as your credit limit will allow, and after a full repayment, you can always fill in another request. This means that you can purchase miles this way indefinitely, well, up to your credit limit at least.