New OCBC Voyage payment facility – buy miles for as low as 1.9 cents each

Most of you should be familiar with the UOB PRVI Payment facility, which allows you to obtain miles from miscellaneous payments. Essentially, you’ll receive miles from the amount requested from UOB through this facility, which can be settled as a one-time payment with a 2.1% admin fee. The interesting thing about this payment facility is that you do not need to indicate a recipient for the amount requested, meaning that you can actually purchase miles at 2.1 cents each.

OCBC Voyage cardmembers can now also enjoy such a facility. Simply fill out this form for an amount of at least S$10000, to “buy” miles at 1.95 cents each. For amounts in excess of S$150000, the cost per mile drops to 1.9 cents each.

Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 12.43.20 AM

Note that you can only request an amount up to 90% of your current available credit limit. However, once any outstanding amount is settled, you can then request for another amount again.

OCBC Voyage cardmembers can currently opt to settle their annual fee by the payment of S$3210, and receive 150000 miles in the process. However, this means that obtaining miles through the settlement of the annual fee will cost you 2.14 cents per mile, which isn’t exactly the best deal out there. Hence, the better alternative would be to obtain miles through this newly launched payment facility.