The Qantas Singapore Lounge (SIN)

Located within the transit area of Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, all passengers travelling with any One World carrier in First or Business Class can access the beautiful Qantas Lounge.


The entrance to the lounge is tucked away at the end of a narrow corridor, but don’t let this deceive you, for the lounge has a huge floor space compared to most other airline lounges.


After my boarding pass was scanned, I proceeded into the main seating area of the lounge.


As the lounge was pretty empty during my visit, I could appreciate the sheer seating capacity of the lounge. Lots of seats in various configurations were available for travelling parties of all combinations: solo, couples and family.

If you prefer, some high chair seating is available as well.


For a more living room feel, you can choose to lounge in one of these comfortable sofa chairs, while catching up on the news on the television screens. Note that each coffee table is equipped with charging ports so you won’t run out of battery power for your electronic devices.


The dining area also has a huge seating capacity. Seating yourself along one of the long dining tables puts you closer to the food bar and service staff, making it easier for you to attract their attention should you require any assistance.


The open concept kitchen whips up dishes that rotate on an occasional basis. As the food is prepared fresh, you won’t be disappointed with the overall taste and presentation.


If you’re still hungry, guests can help themselves to a free flow salad and dessert bar. The beverage selection is also pretty decent.


The lounge also comes with a wide range of literature, from magazines to international newspapers from around the globe.


Qantas is set to open its new First Class lounge in Terminal 1 (D concourse) by the end of 2019. This lounge will not be co-located with the current lounge which is situated at the C concourse. Qantas will also be increasing the seating capacity of the current lounge, which will be rebranded as a Business Lounge, by 50 seats.


At present, the Qantas Singapore Lounge is already providing some real competition to rival Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Lounge in Terminal 3. With the impending opening of the new Qantas First Lounge this year, the SilverKris Lounge is in real need of some upgrading works to keep ahead of the competition.