From now until 22 Mar 2019, use Mileslife for your dining spend and receive promo codes to earn a bonus 300 miles on your subsequent dining spend.


All you need is to spend S$39, or S$9 for new users, at any of the dining merchants on the Mileslife app, and you’ll receive a promo code for 300 miles to be used when you make your next dining spend using Mileslife. The promo code will only last for 3 days. Spend S$39 again to get another promo code for 300 miles, up to a total of 5 such promo codes during the promotion period. If you aim your spend to hit S$39, thats almost an additional 7.7 mpd over and above what you’ll usually get!


Don’t worry if there are multiple ongoing promotions on Mileslife to consider, as the app automatically choose the best promotion for you. In any case, promotions cannot be combined unless otherwise stated.

Here are the full terms and conditions of the promotion.



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