Earn more miles using your OCBC Voyage card on Mileslife

Edit: With effect from 15 May 2019, OCBC will no longer offer bonus miles when using the OCBC Voyage card on Mileslife. However, OCBC will honour all bonus miles earned from 28 Feb 2019 to 15 May 2019, which will be credited to cardmember accounts on 31 May 2019.

From now until 30 Jun 2019, use your OCBC Voyage card on Mileslife to earn 5 mpd purely from credit card spend on the app. This is in addition to the miles that you’ll earn from Mileslife.


For example, if you make payment at a dining merchant that earns you 3 mpd, you’ll be earning a combined total of 8 mpd! This beats next best cards that offer 4 mpd purely from credit card spend on Mileslife, namely the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (PPV) and Citi Rewards Card.

The number of bonus miles you can earn from this promotion is capped at S$1000 spend per month. The bonus miles will be credited to your card account at the end of the promotion period. Bonus miles will not be awarded for top ups and gift card purchases.

Be sure to add your OCBC Voyage card to your Mileslife wallet now, to enjoy the accelerated miles earn rate!

There is an additional promotion if you sign up for the OCBC Voyage card through Mileslife, where you’ll earn 15000 miles with the card, and an additional 3000 miles with Mileslife, when your card is approved by OCBC. This is a great opportunity for those who meet the card requirements, and who have yet to obtain the card. Note that the OCBC Voyage card allows you to purchase up to 150000 miles per year through your annual fees, which is a catch.

More information on these promotions can be found here.