Peppers Clearwater Resort

If you love golf and you’re not a big fan of the city life, Peppers Clearwater Resort is just for you. Located about 10 km north of Christchurch and just 5 km from Christchurch International Airport, this hotel features suites, rooms and villas boasting amazing views of the surrounding lakes and golf course.


I had arrived slightly ahead of schedule, but the front desk checked me in promptly, and provided welcome drink vouchers for use at the Sprig Bar while they double checked that my room was ready.


Meanwhile, I also decided to have a look at The Lakes Restaurant, which provided both indoor and outdoor seating, and lovely views of the golf course. I made a mental note to dine at the restaurant at least once during my stay.


Before long, a member of staff approached me with my room keys, and provided me directions to my room. Since the entire property is so expansive, I had to drive to my room, which was the most convenient option anyway.

As I had made my reservations early, I managed to get a suite despite it being the peak travel season. There were many carpark lots available for use right in front of my unit. The only issue was that my suite was located on the second floor, and there were no lifts available, so I had to personally drag my bags up to my suite.


The suite was huge, with a living room and a separate dining area.


The television screen was quite far from the sofas but with the superior viewing quality I had no complaints.

The dining table was large enough to host a few friends over for dinner. The suite also came fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave and even an oven. It was actually possible to prepare a wholesome meal with what was available in the suite.


Next was the bedroom, which was also large and offered better views of the lake.


The king sized bed was more than adequate in terms of comfort, and just like the living room, there was a television included for entertainment.


The ensuite bathroom was spacious, with a full sized bathtub, shower an a moderately-sized sink area. The heated towel rack was a nice touch.


Blinds may be lowered for added privacy too.

Here’s a view of the other units along the same stretch of the resort. Notice that there’s lots of parking spaces, and there are suites on the ground floor as well.


There are several running routes within the resort, and you can pretty much enjoy the golf course even if you don’t play the game. I managed to snap some pictures of the resort during one of my evening runs.

So I did pop by The Lakes Restaurant, and had dinner there on the night before flying off. The view was spectacular, and so was the food. While the menu appeared a little limited, I had no issues with the dishes I ordered.

Peppers Clearwater Resort can provide you with some peace and quiet to get your much deserved break from the city. While the rooms and suites are large with views that are awesome, you might actually run out of things to do if you don’t play golf. The resort was after all designed and built with that purpose in mind. Nonetheless, the resort is well connected to the airport and the city, so there’s no issue with getting to where you need to be from the resort if you’re driving.