Amazing KrisFlyer redemptions for travel in March

The KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes promotion is back after a one month hiatus, this time with never seen before deals! Enjoy 50% off Economy Saver rates, and fly in Business Class at the usual Economy Saver rates, to selected destinations. You must book online by 28 Feb for travel in the month of March to enjoy these exclusive redemption rates.

As usual, I have decided to highlight those routes that feature the latest Business Class products. Do remember to check the aircraft deployed for these routes at the time of booking to ensure that you get the best product experience for your miles.

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Now what happens if you have already booked your flights using a stopover trick for back-to-back trips? To recap, using the stopover trick to string together the return leg of your first trip with the outbound leg of your second trip through Singapore as a stopover will save you loads of miles.

For example, if you have already booked the following itinerary in March, from San Francisco to Auckland through Singapore in Business Class, you would have had to use 121000 miles per person in Business Class. This is cheaper than purchasing two separate sectors (SFO-SIN and SIN-AKL) which would have cost you 157000 miles!


However, with the current promotion, should you cancel this itinerary and rebook it using the discounted rates? Bear in mind that there is no promotion for the SFO-SIN sector, but the SIN-AKL sector is now going for only 28000 miles. This means that if you decided to book the same itinerary using this discounted rate, you’ll need 123000 miles, which is still more than the stopover trick mentioned above. Therefore, in this case, you shouldn’t have to take advantage of this ongoing promotion as you would’ve saved more miles with the stopover trick to begin with.

Now let’s look at another route, from Barcelona to Auckland through Singapore in Business Class. Using the stopover trick, you would’ve had to use 116000 miles. However, with the ongoing promotion with discounted rates on both sectors (BCN-SIN and SIN-AKL), you’ll only need 66000 miles! Now in this case, it would make perfect sense to rebook your itinerary to take advantage of the current Spontaneous Escapes promotion.


Now that Spontaneous Escapes has been officially launched, it should be a mainstay as a monthly promotion for the foreseeable future. However, if you can afford to plan ahead, it is still worthwhile to make full use of the stopover trick to save miles, and wait for the Spontaneous Escapes promotion closer to your intended date of travel to determine if it makes sense to rebook your itinerary in order to save even more miles.