Earn bonus miles with Citi Premiermiles Visa

From now until 31 Mar 2019, spend S$8888 with your Citi Premiermiles Visa card and stand to earn up to 38888 miles.

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This actually comprises the miles that you would actually earn from normal spend with the card at the rate of 1.2 mpd, and an additional 28223 bonus miles. Upon hitting your S$8888 spend, a programme fee of S$288 will be deducted from your card account to release the bonus miles. Overall, including the programme fee, you’ll be earning miles at 4.2 mpd.

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There is also a targeted promotion requiring a smaller spend amount for some bonus miles. You can spend S$2888 and earn a total of 8888 miles, for a S$58 programme fee. Overall, you’ll be earning miles at 3 mpd.

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In order to activate either promotions above, you’ll have to register for the promotion:

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These promotions are also only available if you’ve been holding the Citi Premiermiles Visa card before 1 Aug 2018, so newer cardholders are not eligible to register.

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This is quite a good promotion, if you have big ticket spend in categories that do not usually qualify for the 4 mpd earn rate with other credit cards. Otherwise, it may not be worthwhile to deliberately spend just for the additional bonus miles. While not the best general spend card for miles out there, the Citi PremierMiles card has quite a decent number of transfer partners, which can be an attractive feature for some.

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