From now until 27 Jan 2019, top up your Mileslife credits and triple dip your way to more miles!

top up1

By triple dipping, you’ll earn miles from the top up, the merchant itself (e.g. 1, 2, or 3 mpd at dining establishments), and from your credit card. Use your UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (PPV) or Citi Rewards card to earn 4 mpd from all purchases on Mileslife. So, if you top up during this promotion, you’ll earn around 2 mpd. Adding this to a merchant that allows your to earn 3 mpd, and using your UOB PPV that earns you 4 mpd, you could potentially earn 9 mpd! Note that if you’re a first timer with this top up feature, you’ll earn an additional 200 miles.

top up3

The maximum that you can top up while earning bonus miles for this promotion is S$19980. So why wait? Triple dip while earning airline miles with Mileslife!

top up2


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