Mandarin Orchard Singapore

Located in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier shopping district, the Mandarin Orchard Singapore boasts excellent access to all the commercial activity that the area has to offer. In fact, Mandarin Gallery is located on the lower floors within the same building, and has numerous boutique stores featuring international brands.


I had booked the Executive Suite for this visit to the hotel, and I had the option of checking in either on the ground floor or at the lounge located on the 38thfloor, also known as Top of the M. However, I decided to proceed to the 5thfloor for general check in, since I had parked my car within the hotel’s connected parking garage and did not enter from street level.


The lobby felt huge, and there were many counters available for guests checking in and out for the day. During peak periods, the staff will require guests to form separate lines for checking in and out, so as to alleviate the crowding situation.


I was warmly welcomed by the staff, who explained to me the benefits that came with my suite, including access to the lounge at the Top of the M, for breakfast, tea and evening cocktails. In addition, she mentioned that I could enjoy my breakfast either at the lounge, or at the hotel’s main breakfast venue, Triple Three, which was located on level 5. Having collected my key cards, I proceeded to my room, which was ready for me ahead of the stipulated check in time.

The hotel has two wings, the Orchard and Main wings, and my suite was located in the former.

Upon entering my suite, I could appreciate its size. There was a small octagonal foyer at the entrance of the suite, where I could conveniently leave my footwear.


Stepping beyond the foyer was the living room, furnished very humbly in my opinion. The large sofa sat facing a huge flat screen television mounted on the opposing wall.


Just underneath the television was a wooden chest, in which the mini bar was placed. It was very well stocked with snacks and drinks that I could enjoy during my stay.


Also located within the living room was a work desk, on which was a smart phone device that offered complimentary data and calls for guests to use when you’re out exploring the city. Just remember to have it fully charged before heading out, and to replace it before checking out!


The welcome amenities included a box of chocolates and some pears, which was a nice touch.


Walking through a pair of sliding doors, I entered the bedroom, which was as large as the living room. The king sized bed was exceptionally comfortable, which made up for the slightly dated décor in the room. The wall of mirrors also helped to create a sense of space for the already huge room.


In front of the bedroom was another wall mounted flat screen television and a wooden chest.


There was also a relaxing armchair right next to the windows.


At one corner of the bedroom was a wardrobe and some space for my bags.


There were bathrobes, laundry bags, an iron and a safe deposit box in the wardrobe.


The bathroom attached to the bedroom was also very spacious, but once again I found the marble interiors somewhat dated. The tabletop was not large enough to accommodate two sinks, which is characteristic of the more modern hotel suites.


Nonetheless, it was great that the bathroom came with separate bathtub and shower facilities, which I appreciated.


Suite guests have access to the Top of the M, so I decided to head up to check out the afternoon tea. I was greeted by a member of staff the moment the lift doors opened on the 38thfloor.


I was then directed up a flight of stairs to the main lounge area, which had a circular layout, providing panoramic views of the entire city area.


There was abundant seating available in various configurations.

I seated myself at one of the dining tables while the staff took my drink order.


For afternoon tea, there was a variety of snacks and sweets available, which I found pretty decent.

Some reading material was also available for my reading pleasure.


As the sun began to set, I decided to stick around for the evening cocktail service. The entire lounge seemed to come to life with all the ambient lighting that elevated the lounge experience, with splendid views of the city to enjoy. There were quite a number of hot dishes available, such as chicken, pork, beancurd and noodles.

The next morning, I decided to check out the breakfast at Triple Three on level 5. The spread was quite impressive, with a noodle station, and eggs prepared to order.

There were also the usual Western breakfast offerings like bacon and sausages, as well as other Asian alternatives like steamed buns and dumplings.

With a stomach that was only half full, I headed up to Top of the M for more. The range of options at the lounge was more limited, but the lack of the crowd made for a better breakfast experience.

As for the other facilities, the fitness centre is located on the 37thfloor in the Main Wing, and boasts the latest cardio equipment and free weights.

The swimming pool is located on level 5, but I found it a little small for a hotel of this capacity.

My stay at the Mandarin Orchard was very enjoyable. The common areas have been fully refurbished to give the establishment a more modern feel, but I found my suite a little dated. While there is more that can be done to spruce the hotel up a little, I found the service standards to be on par with most other main chains. More importantly, the hotel has made a conscious effort to highlight elements that are distinctive to the Meritus brand, including the signature cheongsam that most of the staff are so elegantly dressed in. This is also a great hotel for those who love retail therapy, which you can get a lot of at Orchard Road.