SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Changi Terminal 2 (SIN)

One other Priority Pass lounge at Singapore Changi Terminal 2 is the SATS Premier Lounge, located within the transit area.


The lounge can get crowded during the peak travel periods of the day, so this may not be your top pick if you need some peace and quiet to complete some work before your flight. A great alternative for that is the Ambassador Transit Lounge within the same terminal building.

There are rows of seats available for use, with several power outlets and USB charging ports between the seats for your convenience. Also, you may wish to seat yourself by the floor-to-ceiling windows for some healthy dose of natural light.


There is additional seating right next to the food and beverage section as it can get a little uncomfortable to bring food over the the main lounge area. The selection of food is decent, but most go for a hearty bowl of Singapore laksa.


The other hot food selection usually includes some curry, rice or noodles, and soup. Help yourself to some condiments to go along with your food.


I hardly see anyone use these, but there are business cubicles located within the lounge. Even if you do not need to use the terminals, these cubicles offer more privacy than any other part of the lounge.


I’d recommend that you visit this lounge only for their laksa, which is pretty good! Singapore Changi has loads of other lounges, and all terminals are interconnected, so you’re bound to find one that’s more peaceful.