United has just released images of their latest Polaris Lounge, that will open at Los Angeles (LAX) on 12 Jan 2019. This adds to the current list of United Polaris Lounges, including Chicago, San Francisco, Newark and Houston.


The lounge will feature 12000 square feet of space, with a seating capacity of 140 people.


Dine in comfort while choosing from a wide selection of food and beverage.


Relax and unwind in one of the private day beds or refresh yourself in one of the shower suites available.


Located in Terminal 7, the lounge will serve the majority of passengers travelling on United, through Los Angeles as a gateway to destinations in Asia and Australia. To access the lounge, you’ll need to be travelling as a premium class passenger outbound on United Polaris, or a Star Alliance carrier. However, given that most of United’s Star Alliance partners, including Singapore Airlines, operate out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), the lounge is not expected to be overcrowded. Good news is that if you’re flying out of TBIT and you’ve got the time, you can walk all the way from TBIT to Terminal 7 just to visit the lounge.

I’ll be flying out of LAX in a couple of months, so I might just check this lounge out!


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