Ambassador Transit Lounge Singapore Changi Terminal 2 (SIN)

In contrast to the sister lounge in Singapore Changi Terminal 3, the Ambassador Transit Lounge in Terminal 2 is larger, feels roomier, and is more beautifully furnished.


Entering the lounge, you’ll walk through a modern yet elegant hallway before arriving at the front counter where you’ll be received by a member of staff.


Notice how high the ceilings are at this lounge. Even if it gets a little crowded, you wouldn’t feel claustrophobic because of the way the seats are arranged and designed. The seat backs are high, and with personal charging ports available, you’ll enjoy some degree of personalised space while waiting for your flight.


All around the lounge, I found the soft lighting very comfortable for the setting.


There are TV screens all tuned in to the various news channels for you to keep updated with the latest developments in the region and beyond. You can also help yourself to a wide selection of reading material, such as newspapers and magazines.


I found the food selection decent. There were hot food items such as omelette and popcorn chicken. There were also some snacks and beverages to choose from. The dining area has ample seating, which is great since the lounging chairs aren’t really suited for dining.


The business centre comprised only 2 computers against the wall, but in this era where people communicate effectively through their personal mobile devices, I wouldn’t anticipate much use for these.


You can access this lounge if you’re a Priority Pass holder. Personally, this lounge is definitely above average when compared to other pay-per-use lounges in airports these days. I found the lounge well maintained, beautifully furnished, and most importantly clean, definitely a lounge worth visiting especially if the other lounges are crowded.