From now until 25 Nov 2018, 500000 miles are up for grabs on Mileslife! You’ll earn 4 times the usual number of miles when you make any purchase on the app. For example, if a restaurant earns you 3 mpd, you’ll be receiving 12 mpd this weekend!


Note that purchase of gift cards are not recognised under this promotion, and each transaction is capped at 1000 bonus miles. This will effectively prevent you from abusing the promotion on big ticket items such as hotel stays. However, there are many dining options to choose from so dine till you drop while earning your miles.

Bear in mind that once the 500000 miles have been awarded, the promotion will end.

Also note that this promotion cannot be stacked with existing credit card promotions, such as the OCBC one. Also, if multiple promotions are ongoing, only the best promotion will be applied on check out.

Black Friday deals seem to be in full swing, and when it comes to earning miles, be sure to maximise all of them when you can.


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