Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay

Opened not too long ago, the Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay boasts an ideal location along the Singapore River. With lots of restaurants and entertainment options nearby, guests can soak up the night scene here in vibrant Singapore.


The hotel is dressed very much differently from its sister property at Bugis Junction. Clad mostly in glass, the Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay has a look that’s both simple and yet elegant.


While the main entrance and driveway is located on the ground floor, guests will have to take the elevator up to the 4thfloor to check-in. Stepping out of the lift on the hotel lobby floor, I was warmly received by the staff who attended to me promptly. My room was ready and waiting for me even though I arrived earlier than the prescribed check-in time.


After collecting my key cards, I took the opportunity to admire the cozy interiors of the lobby. The furniture, lighting and interior design all went very well together. Even the common areas have an air of exclusivity about them.


On my way to my room, I strolled along the long corridors that were so enchanting. There was just something about the charm of the hotel that got me really excited.


As I entered my room, I wasn’t expecting it to feel so spacious, given that the published floor area didn’t seem that impressive. However, notice the lack of walls within the confines of the room that gave it an open look and feel.


With the full king-sized bed, there was still lots of space for a seating area comprising an arm chair, wall-mounted seat, and a table.


The floor to ceiling glass windows offer, well, a great view of the building across the street. There is even a warning sticker on the glass informing guests to draw the blinds for privacy given that the external glass surface may not be tinted sufficiently.

At the front of the room, everything is pretty much flush against the wall, which was really neat.


Now back to the room, and how the floor area was so intelligently utilized. Notice that the bedroom is contiguous with the bathroom. For privacy, wall boards that are recessed in the wall can be pulled out to form a temporary screen.


The use of reflective surfaces also creates an illusion of space in the bathroom.


Within the shower, there is a ledge on which you can place your toiletries with taking a bath.

The area around the sink is also huge so there is no shortage of space for your personal effects.


The WC was located in a cubicle separate from the main bathroom.


The room came with a minibar that was fairly well stocked. Guests will get to enjoy complimentary coffee and tea in the room.


The wardrobe is located just by the main door, with a couple of bathrobes, slippers, an ironing board, and a safe. Guests can also use the in house laundry service should the need arise.

Most hotels these days come with a handy smartphone for guests to take around with them while touring the city, and this hotel is no exception. Just make sure that it is fully charged before heading out, and that you replace it before check out.


The hotel has a fitness centre located on the ground floor, and bottled water is provided. It boasts modern equipment and a free weights rack as well.

There is also a lovely outdoor pool for those who wish to sneak in a swim during your stay.


There are a number of restaurants located within the premises. I gave Publico a go, and was impressed by the service. More importantly, the food was great, particularly the Spaghetti Vongole that I had.

Breakfast was also provided during my stay. Apparently, I was informed that I could only pick one option from the main course menu, and enjoy the buffet spread to go along with it. However, I noticed that some guests could order more than one choice from the main course menu. A little more consistency in the breakfast service will go a long way. Food wise, the selection was decent, with the usual Western selection to Soto Ayam and congee.

The Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay has done very well for itself. It’s like a home away from home, as you can tell from the furnishing and décor. You can’t go wrong if you pick the Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay on your next trip to Singapore.