AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen

The AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen is located midway between the airport and downtown Copenhagen. In fact if you look carefully you’ll probably spot it on final approach to Copenhagen Airport. The iconic building protrudes the landscape like a piece of art, worthy of architectural praise.


Two separate towers are joined at the top floor by a bridge allowing occupants access to both towers while providing magnificent views of the hotel surroundings.


Arriving at the lobby, I was impressed by the almost fully glass facade, which allowed for abundant natural light to illuminate the entire lobby.


Multiple conference rooms occupy the second floor, so it made sense to have the main staircase descend into the hotel lobby to allow for guests to move freely within the premises.


The check in staff had my Marriott Elite Gold record on file and the process was as smooth as ever.

I headed up to my room and was pleasantly surprised at how they managed to create so much out of the minimalist design.


The room wasn’t excessively furnished, and the simplicity was married nicely with the hotel’s overall architecture and its surroundings.

Notice how every room will have a slightly different positioning of the large floor to ceiling window, given that they tessellate the exterior in a seemingly random fashion.


At the front of the room, you’ll find a simple desk which can double as a work station.

The bathroom was decently sized, with a large shower area adorned in natural hues.


Note that the bedroom is separated from the shower area by a glass panel with opaque bits in the middle for just a little privacy, perfect for couples or very close friends.


Guests can have access to the fitness centre and the spa. A long hallway leads to the fitness centre on the ground floor.


I found it very well equipped, with the latest state-of-the-art machines. I also loved the contrasting red floor and matt ceiling which was very energising.


The spa has both hot and cold pools, as well as a steam room and a sauna. Every now and then, bits of ice fall from the ceiling into the cold pool, so be sure to mind your head.


Traffic wasn’t a problem for me during my entire stay. The AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen is also strategically located next to major motorways, perfect for day trips in and out of the city. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Copenhagen.