Earn bonus miles when you use your OCBC Titanium Rewards card on Mileslife

From now until 31 Dec 2018, you can earn up to 7 bonus miles per dollar when you spend on Mileslife using your OCBC Titanium Rewards Card. The bonus miles are awarded over and above what you’ll earn from Mileslife.

For dining and travel, you will earn up to 11 mpd in total (5 miles from Mileslife + 6 Miles from OCBC). For shopping, you will earn up to 7 mpd in total (1 mile from Mileslife + 6 miles from OCBC).

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 7.56.19 am

The bonus is capped at S$1000 of spend, which means that you can earn a maximum of 6000 bonus miles. Note that the OCBC$ earned from this promotion does not count towards the annual cap on OCBC$ earned from spending on your OCBC Titanium Rewards Card. Bonus miles will also not be awarded for topping up on Mileslife.

This promotion presents as a perfect opportunity if you often max out your monthly quota when you use your UOB Preferred Platinum Visa or Citi Rewards cards with Mileslife.