Double the number of miles earned on Mileslife with Standard Chartered

From now until 31 Dec 2018, use your Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card on Mileslife and receive double the usual number of miles. For example, merchants that have an earn rate of 3 mpd will be doubled to 6 mpd for the period of the promotion.


In addition to the miles earned from Mileslife, you will also earn 1 mpd (or 1.4 mpd if your spend at least S$2000 per statement cycle) as per the usual earn rate for Standard Chartered Visa Infinite. This brings the maximum earn rate to 7.4 mpd on Mileslife when you use your Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card during the promotion period.


Given that both UOB Preferred Platinum Visa and Citibank Rewards allow for a 4 mpd earn rate on Mileslife, they both have a cap of S$1000 per calendar month and monthly statement cycle respectively, for the 4 mpd earn rate. Assuming that you’ve exhausted both cards on Mileslife, you can choose to use your Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card, which gives a respectable total miles earn rate, at least during the promotion period.