Revamped Chope loyalty programme to roll out by 5 Nov 2018

Edit: You should begin to see your Chope account being updated with your loyalty programme tier.

Chope has announced an upgrade to its existing loyalty programme. To recap, you can earn Chope-Dollars (C$) from reservations made on the Chope app or on the Chope website. Your C$ can then be used to redeem dining or discount vouchers, but most importantly they can be redeemed for KrisFlyer miles.

The new loyalty programme will come with the following tiers:


If you are an existing Chope user, your tier will be based on the number of reservations made in 2018 thus far. For me, I should map onto the Platinum tier if everything goes according to plan. And this is indeed the case as per the screenshot below for my account:


Note that there is now a multiplier that is applied only to the base number of C$ awarded to each reservation, and not to any bonus C$ earned through promo codes.

Under the new programme, your C$ earned during the current calendar year will expire at the end of the next calendar year. For example, C$ earned anytime in 2019 will expire by 31 Dec 2020.


If your Chope account is registered in either Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok, Bali or Phuket, you’ll earn C$ in any of these cities.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.