JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

Located just 5km north of Phuket International Airport along Mai Khao beach, the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa is tucked away from the crowded and commercialised beaches that are often packed with tourists, allowing you to appreciate the exclusivity and privacy of this resort.


The common spaces are surrounded by water features, exuding a calm and serene setting for guests to enjoy.


The hotel lobby and check-in area was very well ventilated, and there were many counters available to I didn’t have to wait long to get my keys.


The hotel room was large and spacious, with the interiors themed very much in line with the rest of the property. I absolutely loved the abundance of wood, while the tiled flooring kept the room cool during the day.


The room was rather oddly shaped, but the floor area was maximised and the entire room was purposefully furnished. In fact, there was a nice little corner with a pair of Tatami mats for a nice afternoon read if you should fancy one.


The bathroom was very large, with a bathtub and a shower, and wooden windows that open into the bedroom.


You’d like to know that the resort has 11 restaurants to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice whenever you’re hungry. Choose from Italian-inspired cuisine to the traditional Thai dishes and curries to spice things up a little.

The resort is also just steps away from Mai Khao beach, and given its distance from the commercial centre of Phuket, you’ll find that the beach is almost exclusively used by Marriott guests.


At night, take a stroll around the resort to enjoy the shimmering lights, or even marvel at the spectacular lightning shows during the occasional thunderstorms over the Andaman Sea.


The JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa is great for couples and families. There are loads of facilities and activities to choose from, and if your aim is just to have a relaxing getaway, you could very well be spending your entire vacation within the confines of the resort.