Capri by Fraser Changi City Hotel Residences

Located just one train stop away from Singapore Changi Airport, the Capri by Fraser Changi City Hotel Residences is great for travellers who value the convenience of being within the vicinity of one of the world’s major air hubs. It is also located next to Changi City Point, a huge retail and outlet mall, great for some last minute shopping.


Its distinct architecture is visible from quite a distance, and even when on final approach into Singapore Changi Airport when landing from the south.


Upon arrival, I entered through two huge swinging glass doors to reveal a spacious and well-lit lobby.


Check-in was swift and I was automatically offered a late check-out the next day.


Heading up to my room to settle in, I was pleased to find a large and inviting room, decorated pretty much in Fraser-style, characterised by a mixture of wood and glass.


The bed was very comfortable, and the air conditioning was very effective, providing some respite from the afternoon heat.


The long wooden table at the front of the room was very large, with a recessed section that could be used to stow any loose articles. There were no protruding wires as everything was neatly built into the table and walls.


As the room was pretty huge, I could choose to enjoy the entertainment options on the television from the comfort of the sofa at the foot of the bed. The glass coffee table was also great for some snacks and drinks while enjoying a movie on television.


The bathroom is separated from the bedroom with frosted glass. I had absolutely no complaints with the sizable bathroom, which came with a huge shower area. Unlike most other hotels, this one came with the shower gel, shampoo and conditioner on wall mounted dispensers, so you won’t have to fumble with bottles when showering.


Along the corridor leading to the main door was a kitchenette with a microwave, stove, and a large sink, great for those who are adventurous enough to do some light cooking during your stay.


The hotel has a lovely gym with a wide range of equipment, which overlooks a decently sized outdoor pool, which can get a little crowded on hot afternoons.


The Capri by Fraser Changi City Hotel Residences will certainly give you a “home away from home” vibe, and while not exceedingly luxurious, it is sure to cater to all your needs.