Macdonald Rusacks Hotel St Andrews

Located in the heart of St Andrews, the birth place of golf, is the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel. In fact, the hotel is right next to the world famous Old Course.

Arriving at the main entrance, I was impressed by how well preserved the building was. It literally felt like a blast from the past with all the stone and brickwork.


But stepping inside, the lobby was remodelled to embrace the game of golf. While waiting for my room keys, I explored the common areas and found the entire hotel very cozy. With golf-themed fixtures all around, I didn’t need any reminding that I was in St Andrews.


Heading to my room, I was pleased to see that everything was done up in the Scottish tradition. The colours were warm and inviting, and I had a pretty good view of the golf course.


The room was reasonably sized for a single occupant, and I appreciated that the entire floor was carpeted.


The bathroom was pretty standard, and nothing outstanding about it.


Facilities wise, I got the ‘hint’ that everyone was there to play golf. So don’t expect much other than the fact that your next game of golf is just a short stroll away. Just be prepared to book your game in advance during the peak travel season.


The Macdonald Rusacks Hotel was a refreshing alternative to the usual international chain hotels, and I absolutely enjoyed every bit of my stay. I wouldn’t hesitate to book my next stay with them if and when I do visit St Andrews again.