Grand Park City Hall Singapore

The Grand Park City Hall recently underwent some major refurbishment, with the hotel interior sporting a new look. I was looking forward to staying in one of the new rooms this time. From the looks of the lobby, I could appreciate the work done, which was a significant improvement over the older look.


Thankfully there was no need to wait, and my room keys were issued almost immediately.

Heading up to my room, I was impressed with the contemporary look of the place.


They did well doing away with a television console, saving a considerable amount of space in the process. Instead, the countertop was moved by the window, where just beside was positioned a sofa on which I could lounge in, perfect for an afternoon read.


Guests can look forward to complimentary coffee and tea, housed in an interesting wooden box with foldable sides.


There were also many ways to adjust the room lighting to your liking. The bedside lamps really suited the interior of the room.


The bedroom is only physically separated from the bathroom by floor-to-ceiling glass panels.


The layout of the bathroom was excellent, and the space was maximised.


The wardrobe is also decently sized, which can fit a large suitcase with no issues.


I decided to head to the bar at the lobby to enjoy my welcome drink. There was literally no one else around, so I could enjoy a more personalised service.


The swimming pool is not open to guests yet, as there’s still some work left to be done. However, guests can access the fitness room with some pretty new equipment.


The refurbishment work at the Grand Park City Hall is almost complete, and guests can now look forward to a better stay and experience at the hotel.