Cardup improves its referral program: Earn up to $2000

Cardup is an excellent platform for you to earn miles from miscellaneous payments that you would have made either via direct bank transfer or GIRO. I have written about Cardup extensively here, and I currently use it for most of my insurance premiums. Essentially, Cardup charges your credit card and makes payment to the intended recipient of the payment, while you earn miles along with it.

Use the UOB PRVI Miles card to earn 1.4 mpd, or the Citi Rewards Card (rumoured) to earn you 4 mpd.


Cardup has now announced an improvement to their referral program. You can now earn up to $2000 just purely from referrals. If you’re referring a friend, you’ll earn $20 when your friend makes a payment of at least $1000 with Cardup, capped at 20 referrals. If you’re referring a business, you’ll earn $100 when the business makes a payment of at least $1000, capped at 20 referrals, bringing your total possible earnings to $2000! If you’re referring a mix of friends or businesses, the combined cap of 20 will still apply. In addition, you’ll only be able to use these credits for payments of at least $1000.


Cardup allows you to decide if you wish to make one-time payments, or if you prefer, monthly payments for larger amounts. In order to use your earned credits, it might be useful to consolidate your payments to meet the minimum of $1000, just so that they don’t go to waste.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.