Lifemiles, Avianca’s frequent flyer programme, offers bonuses on miles purchased on a regular basis. The current sale is offering a tiered bonus of up to 130% of the miles purchased, if you purchase 101000 to 200000 miles, bringing the cost of the miles purchased to 1.43 US cents per mile.


For Milelion readers, you’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy up to 140% bonus, bringing the cost of the miles purchased to as low as 1.375 US cents per mile. You’ll have to register here, from 15-29 May 2018, and wait at least 24 hours following the registration, before purchasing your miles by 30 May 2018.

Lifemiles can be used to redeem award seats on Star Alliance carriers, which is an excellent opportunity for you to try out First and Business Class seats on ANA, Thai, and EVA Air. Use your DBS Woman’s World MasterCard (WWMC) to earn 4 mpd, or your DBS Altitude card to earn 3 mpd when you purchase miles from Lifemiles.

Once again, you’re not advised to hoard miles unnecessarily, but instead to purchase miles if you intend to perform a redemption in the near future, just in case any devaluations take place. While this is not the best Lifemiles sale we’ve seen, it happens to be one of the better sales in recent times, presenting a great opportunity for those who have some redemptions in mind.


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