Earn loads of miles from Mileslife this weekend!

From 13-15 Apr 2018, Mileslife is offering 4x miles on all transactions made. This means that if a merchant currently offers 3 mpd, this will quadruple to 12 mpd!


Of course, you can increase your miles earn rate even further, by following the steps below:

Step 1: Top up your Mileslife credits (2 mpd)

You can top up your credits on Mileslife in blocks of S$100, and you’ll earn 200 miles for each block.

Step 2: Use your UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (PPV) for the top up (4 mpd)

By using your UOB PPV for the top up, you’ll receive a further 4 mpd for the transaction.

Step 3: Make a purchase with merchants offering 3 mpd (12 mpd)

Merchants currently offering 3 mpd will quadruple to 12 mpd this weekend! This means that taking into consideration all three steps above, you will be triple-dipping this promotion, bringing your total to 18 mpd!

Bear in mind, however, that the purchasing of Mileslife credits does not qualify for the 4x miles promotion. This means you’ll still be receiving 200 miles per S$100 block of credits purchased. There is also a cap of 3500 miles per user per day.

You can still squeeze out a bit more miles if you use Chope to make your reservations. Enter the promo code CHOPEKF and you’ll receive 200 Chope-Dollars (C$) per reservation made. You can convert 1200C$ to 1000 KrisFlyer miles once you’ve accumulated enough!


So there you go, maximise your purchases on Mileslife this weekend!