Lifemiles now available on monthly subscription plans

Lifemiles present an excellent way to travel in First and Business Class on Star Alliance carriers such as Singapore Airlines, ANA, Thai Airways and EVA Air. There are periodic sales throughout the year that allow for bonuses as high as 150%, which allow you to purchase Lifemiles for as low as 1.32 US cents per mile.

Now, Lifemiles has introduced monthly subscription plans that allow you to accumulate miles throughout the year:

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For the best plan, you’ll receive a total of 112000 miles at a cost of 1.39 US cents per mile, which isn’t as great as the best Lifemiles sales out there.

While these plans offer some stability and constant flow of miles into your Lifemiles account, it may not be as handy as purchasing miles in bulk during a sale where you can find an immediate need to redeem for award tickets. Also, you should be reminded that your Lifemiles will expire after one year of inactivity, so accumulating miles this way may not be ideal, unless you can time your redemptions properly.

In any case, these monthly subscription plans present a way to purchase Lifemiles in ‘instalments’, as opposed to a bulk purchase during a sale, that some might find some use for.